Our Process


Your First Visit

  • Your doctor will guide you through a detailed health history, and thorough physical examination, determining the exact nature, severity, and timeline of your complaint.
  • We are then in a position to let you know whether chiropractic is likely to be the best course of action for you at this time. If not, we will tell you, and help find the right direction to take.
  • Generally, there will be no treatment provided on this first visit. Some exceptions apply.
  • We pride ourselves on providing safe, and effective care. If x-rays are required to help determine the underlying cause of your complaint, there is usually no cost to you, (Medicare). This may form a critical piece of the diagnostic information.
  • Once the doctor has all the relevant information available to consider, he can then make a specific diagnosis, which leads to better results.

Your Report of Finding’s (ROF) Visit

  • The next visit is an opportunity to show you the underlying cause of what’s been ailing you, as well as the unique, chiropractic approach to fixing it. Many people who have come from other practitioners, comment that this is the most in-depth, clear, and concise explanation they have received. And this gives them hope.
  • We also discuss exactly how a chiropractic adjustment works, and why it is a safe, highly skilled, and specific technique; but only when done by an expert.
  • This process helps you to make an informed decision about your own health. Whether or not to commence chiropractic care at this point, is your choice.
  • If the information presented makes sense and resonates with you, we will then offer you your first chiropractic adjustment.

Moving Forward

  • The strategy we employ is designed to help you stabilise as quickly and permanently as possible. However from experience, your rate of healing and recovery will also be influenced by some factors, which are out of our control. These include; the severity and nature of your complaint; the length of time you have been suffering from it; your commitment to attending your appointments; as well as what you are doing away from our office.
  • We can provide you with the best home advice, ergonomic products, and high quality (practitioner only) supplements, to support your progress.
  • We will always set a specific date to review your progress. So that we may compare results, discuss changes, and make any necessary amendments to your plan, as you improve.

We are a ’patient-centred’ practice. Meaning that we are here to serve,
in principle, and also in practise.